Operation Phoenix Tee

Operation Phoenix Tee


This Limited Edition Tee is a physical raffle ticket. By purchasing a Syndicate 'Operation Phoenix' tshirt  a portion of the proceeds will to go to Road Runner Food Bank and each shirt is a Raffle ticket for a 'Operation Phoenix Marketing Package' By purchasing a shirt you will enter any local business that you believe can benefit from a marketing package that includes custom videos, photos, flyers, live remotes, social media management, website assistance and overall marketing assets. You can help get attention and people to the business of your choice by purchasing a shirt. Every 25 shirts sold we will randomly select a name and offer them our services*

Operation Phoenix is created to come to the aid of local Albuquerque businesses that have been affected by Covid-19.  With so many small businesses having to close or limit their business scale for the past 2 months+  We have a marketing package that is ready to go to announce to Albuquerque we are open and ready for business. The shirt is here to share the concept of #SupportLocal and keep that sentiment in our mind. This is what we do as a business and what we do best we want to offer out to our community in the way of aid. Marketing assistance in this very difficult time. We appreciate all people taking part in this. If this is not do able for you but you think someone can get a ticket or purchase the package please forward them this page. You can also purchase this package for any business you want and can be anonymous or announced from you. Lets #SupportLocal and rise up from this pandemic together. 

Thank you for your time and consideration in our way of helping ABQ.


*If they do not accept or want our service due to other reasons, your 2 other options will be optioned.