Albuquerque's. Follow The Rabbit Promotions, is the Party & Event promotional branch of Syndicate Media Management with a talented team focused on creating and hosting extraordinary experiences for our community.  FollowTheRabbit is committed to host and entertain with top notch hospitality & your entertainment being our focus for our once a month promoted special events and parties.  FollowTheRabbit does everything a venue or company would want. Market//Promote//Create//Share//Host//etc.,  


• Hospitality management

• Nightlife operations

• Targeted marketing and promotions

• Special event production

• Talent booking

• PR

• Brand positioning

• Social media marketing

• Sponsor activation


FollowTheRabbit is a full-service event planning and production company. Our company produces and executes small and large-scale special events, corporate parties, charity events, private functions, and social gatherings.


FollowTheRabbit Promotions

To see past events/upcoming events and to learn more about how we host events. If you want Follow The Rabbit to promote your event  visit :    www.followtherabbitpromotions.com